Meet Our Team

Barbie Shearer- President Upstage Productions

Barbie Shearer

I am the President of Upstage Productions. I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do: lighting, staging, and sound. I love going to watch local bands. I purchased Upstage as my way of supporting the local music scene. I’m excited to bring the big stage to Northern California!

Stuart Atkinson

Upstage Founder.
Former voice at Marine World.
Self-employed since 1997.
Deep appreciation for the industry and those in it.
Cartoon Character I try to emulate:  Mighty Mouse.

Jake Lake
Technical Director

I have been with the company since the beginning! I am a lifetime musician playing for multiple bands, and a DJ for 15 years. I am also the 1st person to fall off of our mobile stage! The 2014 Silver Medal winner at Bill Sobrantes Whiskerino Beard & Moustache Competition!

Sean Willcox
Sales & Client Relations

I have worked in event productions for over a decade. Small gatherings or a huge concert, I’ll be with you every step of the way. In college I majored in architecture/drafting and minored in business management. I’m a photographer, DJ, and have close ties with many local bands. All these assets combined make me a Sean-of-all-trades!

Michael Glenn
Visionary Director

Art in any medium, the capacity to create is what has captures my imagination and passion. Professional Arts has been the staple of my existence for 25 years in all forms imaginable. I am very much looking forward to showing you the world through a very different set of eyes.

Skyler Atkinson
Logistics & Production Manager

Hello all, Skyler here, I have 8 years experience in sound, stage and events production. I currently work not only at Upstage Productions but you also might run into me working at Jam Cellars or The Uptown Theater, right here in Napa.  I’m a graduate from Vintage High School.

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