Barbie Shearer- President Upstage Productions

Employee Spotlight – Barbie Shearer

Barbie is the President and majority shareholder of Upstage Productions. Growing up she always wanted to be backstage, in the middle of the excitement. As a young girl, Barbie remembered being fascinated with stagehand and riggers. This all started when she watched an old 80’s TV commercial glamorizing the life of a roadie. The complex work they did to make concerts and events come to life was something she wanted to be a part of. The lights, sounds, the rigging. That’s where she wanted to be. So when presented the opportunity to invest in Upstage Productions it was a no brainer for Napa native.

It’s Barbie’s leadership that drives Upstage Productions. You can often find her at events, making sure every last detail is taken care of and our clients are happy. If you see her, stop and say hi! You’ll quickly see her passion for our work.

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