Mackie DL32S Digital Wireless Mixer

Tech Corner – Mackie DL32

Every great mix needs a great mixer, and the Mackie DL32S is what you’ll see at most Upstage Production audio events.

According to Mackie: “the DL32S wireless digital mixer delivers proven mixing power with legendary Onyx+ mic preamps in an all-new Built-Like-A-Tank™, stage-friendly design made to withstand real-world abuse. Get mixing quickly with built-in Wi-Fi and the industry-leading, multi-platform Master Fader™ app. Create stunning multi-track recordings and get playback for a virtual soundcheck via USB I/O. Loaded with channel/output DSP plus 4 FX processors, DL32S gives you the capability and flexibility you need for your best mix ever.”

No longer chained to 1 location, the DL32S gives our audio engineers the ability walk around the event and make adjustments to the sound as needed. The DL32S also enables performers the ability to adjust their monitor mixes onstage through their wifi enabled tablet or phone.

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